Kay Shoes Lofts

Avondale, Chicago

The iconic Kay Shoes retail building located in the heart of the Avondale neighborhood will be transformed into a vibrant mixed-use building serving the needs of the surrounding community. The existing two-story building was formerly a thriving shoe store that had served the community for the past forty years. With the recent trend of online shopping, this neighborhood asset was forced to close, however, where a chapter ends, a new one begins.

The future of this building consists of arts-focused residential units on the second floor and the rear portion of the first floor. The Milwaukee Avenue facing commercial space will provide the infrastructure to help re-establish this stretch of the Avondale community into a vibrant retail destination once again.

The identity of the existing building will be embraced by keeping the brick exterior envelope while being modernized by staining the exterior grey. This allows the colored window frames to pop and responding to the strong artist community within. The iconic Kay Shoes sign will be restored to remember the past while looking forward to what’s next.

SEEK Design + Architecture

935 W Chestnut St Suite 470, Chicago, Illinois 60642


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