We’re a collaborative of architects and thinkers committed to improving our built environment through compassionate and thoughtful design.


Founded in 2021, we seek to cultivate a diverse and equitable office where every voice is heard. Intentionally being different from other branded architecture firms, there is not a name on the door and an ego is not part of our culture. We strive to create impactful architecture while having fun doing it!

After collaborating for over a decade, Jason, Kai, and Jose bring together unique backgrounds and experiences, elevating each other to new opportunities that wouldn’t be available individually. There is great strength in a unified vision. This shared vision allows the team to work towards a diverse ownership structure at SEEK.

Meet Our Team


We are continuously seeking to expand our team with thoughtful individuals who have an innate sense for design with a personality that embraces collaboration. We welcome critical thinkers who have the talent and ability to create thoughtful, innovative architecture that enhances communities and instills pride in all those involved.
If you are interested in these opportunities, please send your resume and portfolio to: ngised.kees@olleh

SEEK Design + Architecture

935 W. Chestnut St
Suite 470
Chicago, Illinois 60642

4718.167 (213)

SEEK Design + Architecture

935 W Chestnut St Suite 470, Chicago, Illinois 60642


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