We seek to empower future generations by focusing on a higher calling, a bigger purpose than the architecture we create.


seek /

1 /  to go in search of
2 /  look for, to try to discover
3 /  to try to acquire or gain
4 /  to make an attempt


Everyone is seeking something in life. What a person seeks is a condition of where you set your heart and mind. At SEEK Design, we focus on a greater meaning, a bigger purpose than the architecture we create. This allows us to approach each project with humility and the ability to create places of enduring value for our clients.

We are committed to improving the built environment within the diverse neighborhoods of our city through meaningful design and architecture. Understanding the social responsibility of architecture and its influence on the surrounding community, our approach is to place the inhabitants first. Placing a priority on the owners and occupants, as well as future generations, of each building we create provides a larger sphere of social impact while empowering the future of each community.

Our best future is the one that we create together.


SEEK is a team of designers and architects dedicated to improving the built environment we live in. We create buildings, masterplans, interior spaces, and objects in our Chicago-based design studio. Working on projects of various scales and types, we focus on those that will lead to positive social impact within our communities.

With no signature style, our approach to each project responds to the unique characteristics of the site, program, context, community, and client. Our team’s collaborative approach to each project ensures that everyone’s voice is heard, leading to the conception and implementation of special and meaningful places.

We believe the best idea must win. Ingenuity inspires our ability to create projects that are affordable, buildable, and inspiring.

Communities of Focus

Our office is committed to serving Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods through collaborations with not-for-profit organizations, business owners, and local developers. Our commitment to these values is at the heart of who we are. This perspective stems from the realization that discrepancies exist in the allocation of resources given to social, educational, and supportive services throughout the city. SEEK collaborates with organizations that press into these issues allows larger teams to tackle these issues. This experience has taken our work to many neighborhoods in our great city.


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