Innovation Hub South

Englewood, Chicago, Illinois

Project Information

Year: 2023
Size: 40,000 sf
Status: Conceptual Design
Category: Incubation, Community, Office, Creation
Services: Architecture, Master Planning

Project Team:
Jason Nuttelman, Kai Liu, Jose C. Garcia
The Englewood Innovation Hub (iHUB) will capture the vacant corner of 69th and Wentworth Avenue and transform it into a modern destination for the surrounding community.
The nearly 40,000 sq ft new construction building is designed in every aspect to convey the innovation and creation that is occurring inside of the building.
Programmed to have a 10,000 sq ft co-working space, 10,000 sq ft open workshop area; wood, metal, and CNC shops; training rooms, event space, and office space for local non-profit organizations, this building acts as an incubator for the creative, entrepreneurial community in Englewood, and beyond.

The building captures the southern corner of the site by placing the double height co-working space and has a bowtie roof geometry that starts the form of the building. The roof line continues with a subtle rhythm that connects all of the building volumes and their distinct programs within. The roof rhythm then transitions to a saw-tooth geometry which harkens back to the industrial nature of the program within.

The entire building composition is clad in a textured metal that allows the building to rise up from the landscaped site and provide an iconic destination for the community. Upon entering the building, the visitor is greeted with a double height entry lobby that frames views into the activities that surround it.


935 W Chestnut St Suite 470
Chicago, Illinois 60642