Tiny Giants
Early Learning Center

Irivng Park, Chicago, Illinois

Tiny Giants Learning Center is a family owned company,  established in 2014, with a passion for providing quality childcare and an environment for children and teachers to thrive and grow.Tiny Giants has grown to several locations across the north side of Chicago. With this growth has come an additional development opportunity to establish another Tiny Giants location. Tiny Giants has acquired a large site at 2801 West Montrose Avenue in the Irving Park neighborhood. The site sits at a significant intersection and directly across the street from Horner Park.

The proposed plan for the project will be developed as-of-right, with no zoning change or affordable housing required. The existing 24,563 sq ft site will allow up to 54,039 sq ft of building to be constructed, up to four stories tall and will include a 10,000 sq ft Tiny Giants Early Childhood Education Center that anchors the development.

Tiny Giants Headquarters and Office space is planned for the second floor and large residential units will be considered on the third and fourth floors to maximize the site’s development opportunities, along with the necessary parking to support the building’s function.

View from across the street on Montrose Ave

Infant Classroom

Toddler Classroom

Two Year Classroom

Three Year Classroom

The use of color is very important when designing the daycare classrooms. The colored areas in each classroom highlight the “support” spaces that are required, depending on the age group of children. The different shaped windows allow children to get different perspectives of the outdoor world, by providing the opportunity for them to sit or play in the lower window sills, as well as allowing light to enter the space at all angles.

The Indoor Play area is a crucial part of the Tiny Giants space. This area allows children to not only interact with each other, but to also interact the walls and floors and use it all to their advantage.

Project Information

Year: 2025
Size: 54,500 sf
Status: Design Development
Category: Mixed Use, Residential, Office, Education
Services: Architecture, Interiors


935 W Chestnut St Suite 470
Chicago, Illinois 60642