Sparrow Coffee

Austin, Chicago, Illinois

Project Information

Year: 2025
Size: 3,000 sf
Status: Pre-Design
Category: Commercial
Services: Architecture, Interiors

Project Team:
Jason Nuttelman, Allison Newmeyer, Kai Liu, Emily Wilson
Sparrow Coffee was founded in 2012 with the Belief that roasting coffee is above all else a craft, honed and perfected over a long time. The collaboration between SEEK and Sparrow will bring an elegant coffee shop with an emphasis on coffee making and providing a warm gathering space for a growing community

Entrance View

The proposed plan for the project will be to turn a 2,000 sqft 2 story brick building into Sparrow Coffee’s second loaction. 



Sparrow believes that the coffee making process is an art and should be exhibited within the space. The layout of furniture revolves around the coffee bar, which means there is no countertop that seperates the customer and the barista in order for full viewing of drink making

Full Coffee bar on the ground floor with seating, an outdoor patio, and more seating on the second floor with enough room for community gatherings

View from 1st floor seating new bar
View from inside to outdoor patio
Outdoor Patio


935 W Chestnut St Suite 470
Chicago, Illinois 60642