Start Early
Healthy Parents and Babies

Near West Side, Chicago, Illinois

Project Information

Year: 2023
Size: 9,900 sf
Status: Completed
Category: Office
Services: Interiors, Renovation
Project Team:
Jason Nuttelman, Kai Liu, Jose C. Garcia, David Lopez

        SEEK was able to work with Start Early in their new location: Healthy Parents and Babies located in the Near West Side neighborhood. Start Early advances quality early learning for families with children, before birth through their earliest years, to help close the opportunity gap. The project entails the renovation of a 10,000sf existing space into brand new open and private office spaces, training rooms, socialization room, and a brand new reception and waiting area. The design embodies Start Early’s unique brand identity, using a soothing branded color palette as a prominent interior feature. Starting from the reception through the common areas, shades of purple surfaces guide visitors through the space and create a warm, inviting environment for new parents and children to thrive.

View at Reception Desk

View from Reception Desk

SEEK Design + Architecture

935 W Chestnut St Suite 470, Chicago, Illinois 60642


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